The Healthy Living Centre

 282-284 St Pauls Road,

London, N1 2LH

0207 704 6900 or 0207 354 1600

Working with us


The practitioners working at the centre are chosen with consideration of their training, experience, passion, ongoing development, personal initiative and client relation skills. From time to time we do bring on newly qualified practitioners if they have been able to sufficiently impress us with their determination and skill-set. Practitioners at the Healthy Living Centre are all self employed.

If you are interested in working with us then please send us your CV by email. We are looking for practitioners that are authentically interested in providing exemplary service, even outside of what they themselves can personally offer. This means being willing to work with the other practitioners and taking initiative around this. 

Please be aware that we receive many applicants every week and although we do try we are sometimes unable to reply to everyone. If you application goes unanswered you are welcome to apply again throughout the year.