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Systemic Constellation & Ritual Workshops

Systemic Constellation & Ritual is an approach to catalyzing powerful shifts in consciousness through connecting with our Ancestors, it reaches beyond the normal boundaries of our awareness to wake us up to the deeper realities of life and death. It is therapy, it is meditation, it is prayer & it is something undefinable and resident in mystery. Through this work we gain access to an experience of the unknowable.
The term 'Systemic Constellation' is an umbrella term that includes Family Constellation but also refers to systems beyond the family such as Social, Cultural, Religious, Organisational, Natural and Biological. Systemic Rituals are an evolution of Constellation work based on melding Shamanic Healing Rituals with Systemic Family Constellations, developed by Daan Van Kampenhout. I use rituals in small groups and sometimes in the larger group, these are similar to constellations but are slightly different in structure.
For more info on my various workshops see my website.
Availability: Regular Sundays throughout the year
 Prices: 1 day workshop £70 ~ W/end Workshop £150
 Anu Azrael is a poet.  Has been studying and offering Constellation work for 8 years now. Also qualified in Trauma healing and Systemic Ritual.  Is passionate about running constellations and looks forward to welcoming you on a workshop sometime.