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London, N1 2LH

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Performer's Clinic


Availability: Fridays 9.30 am -3.30pm

Prices: 55mins £35

About: This clinic was set up in 2006 by Marcia Pook and Lucy Lowes as the dancers' clinic to offer low cost craniosacral therapy by qualified practitioners. In 2009 Susanne Zahn-Willsdon extended the remit to include all professionals in the performing arts such as dancers, actors, musicians, (instrumentalists and singers), acrobats, clowns and others. The Performers' clinic deals with all kinds of issues, from physical strains and injuries associated with movement and symptoms associated with stress e.g. headaches, low energy and stomach problems to performance related issues such as, anxiety and stage fright


Message from Susanne Zahn-Willsdon:

I am delighted to offer low cost craniosacral therapy to professional performing artists. Having been a contemporary dancer and dance teacher and performed as a singer, instrumentalists and in theater I am keen to continue working with performing artists. Performers, who use their bodies to communicate, respond well to Craniosacral Therapy. The clinic offers an opportunity to receive much needed relief from the stresses and strains of auditions, rehearsals and performances, but also a chance to delve deeper into the subtle experiences and movements within the body.

Qualifications of Practitioners: Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Diploma, Teacher for Dance and Rhythmical Gymnastics.


Registered Members of: CSTA UK