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Kryspin Kochanowski

Therapies practiced: Pulsing

Availability: by appointment

Qualifications: BSc Physiotherapy; Pulsing bodywork

Profile: Kryspin studied medecine in Poland and later qualified in physiotherapy in London. After a few years of working in the NHS and recognising the limitations of the mainstream Western medical model his interest shifted toward body-mind connections and he started exploring, both as a client and practitioner, the fields of bodymind therapies, bodywork, body psychotherapy, humanistic psychology, awareness through movement, meditation and self-inquiry as vehicles for growth, healing and self-discovery. Between 2009-11 he studied intuitive bodywork based on techniques of Nuad Boran (Thai massage) with Gunther Krueger in Germany and Pulsing with Guy Gladstone at the Open Centre in London. Kryspin's interest lies in understanding body-mind connections and healing using natural approaches,including active listening and touch, and appreciation of the mystery of life. He is preparing to start studies in herbalism.


Kryspin is clearly highly trained and qualified, but his hands tell that he works from instinct rather than theory or anatomical knowledge. And compared to any other physical therapy I've ever experienced his approach tiptoes towards the mystical, I was definitely in an altered state of consciousness throughout the session, it was fluid and amniotic, his powerful energy allowing me to relax, trust totally and go fully into the experience. He has an unusual gift.

Jerry, psychotherapist 


I had never experienced bodywork quite like this before. Kryspin put me at ease straight away with his calm voice and energy which helped me to totally relax and let go from the start. It felt SO good to have different parts of my body gently rocked, stretched and shook, I really felt like all of my organs where getting a work-out, with all the cobwebs blown away. His hands felt safe and secure and allowed me to enter into what I felt was another level of consciousness, which gave way to spontaneous release of tension and emotions that were trapped in my body. I felt I went very deep within, helped by Kryspin's gentle words all uttered at the exact moment I needed it. He is intuitively gifted and I would highly recommend this type of work, especially for those who maybe don't want to do the talking therapy. This does it all and I found myself really slowing down and taking lots of deep breaths, connecting to my body for days afterwards. An amazing experience...



Prices: £45/hr; low-cost appointments  £30/hr

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m: 07824 746331