Aga Kucharska

Holistic + Deep Tissue Massage

I am a qualified Holistic and Deep Tissue Massage Therapist. I use a combination of Swedish and Deep tissue massage as well as Neuromuscular Therapy to address muscular tension and postural imbalances. Before each session I take some time to discuss the needs of the client in order to tailor the treatment for the best possible results.

I have a long standing interest in therapy, bodywork and healing, and I am fascinated by the body-mind connection and the body’s natural ability to restore balance and return to health. I have been interested in mindfulness for a number of years and have a regular yoga practice. I’m currently undergoing a Yoga Teacher Training with The Independent Yoga Network. My yoga practice underpins and strengthens my bodywork treatments. When needed, I can provide exercises at the end of a session to help keep the client on track in between sessions.

I believe in a holistic approach, one which doesn’t separate the physical from the psychological, and which takes into account personal lifestyle choices, emotional and mental well-being. From my own insight and other people’s experience, I know that healing happens when we allow the body to surrender and rest. Only when we allow for this do we make space for the body to let go and undo. Rest is antithesis to the fast and frantic world we live in. Through the healing of touch and bodywork we can truly encourage and facilitate this amazing healing process. Bodywork is one of the best gifts can give ourselves. It re-balances and re-energises the body, mind and emotions, and improves our overall sense of health and well-being. It is a gift which not only has a positive effect on the way we perceive ourselves but also on the way we work and interact with the world around us.

  • Tel: 07714 992 814
  • Location: London