Kwun Pang

Reconnective Healing®

Therapies Practised: Reconnective Healing®

Availability: Please call Kwun on 07920 446013 for availability

Price: £90/60mins – one to three sessions are usually recommended

Qualifications: Professionally trained by Dr. Eric Pearl and the Reconnection Teaching Team to facilitate Reconnective Healing sessions, and a member of the Complimentary Medical Association (CMA).


My interest in healing started in 2005 when I initially became a Practitioner of Reiki. From there on I embarked on a journey of self healing, which led me to work and study with healers, shamans, city mystics and personal development experts in countries as diverse as Peru, the USA, Hong Kong, Thailand and the UK. I offered and taught healing professionally from 2012, and became a Practitioner of Reconnective Healing® in 2013.

Coming across Reconnective Healing was life changing! It captured and vastly expanded my understanding of the essence of healing and its relevance to our shifting global consciousness. With Reconnective Healing, I’ve had the privilege to witness and facilitate some of the most profound healings that I’ve come across since the beginning of this journey, and I now practice Reconnective Healing exclusively.

I consider it a privilege to share this work with you and to help facilitate your healing, expansion and evolution.

Reconnective Healing can be a profound transformative experience on all levels – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and more. To find out more about Reconnective Healing, please visit my website at, go to the ‘About Our Therapies’ page on this website or contact me using the details below.

What clients say:

“I had been suffering from a persistent rash on my scalp for more than two years which, after my second session, completely dissipated!”

~ K.H., Fashion Designer, London

“Just wanted to thank you for the (distant healing) session this morning. It’s an amazing feeling to be able to relax and feel peaceful. And have my neck moving again side-to-side, full motion! It was an amazing session today!”

~ A.M., Chiropractor’s Assistant, Los Angeles, USA

“Before the session, I was feeling disconnected, heavy and confused and in emotional turmoil. When I got up after the session, I felt like a completely different person- light, calm, happy, clear, and connected. It was such a relief to feel like myself again.”

~ T.W., Reconnective Healing Practitioner, London