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Alexander Technique:

Frederick Matthais Alexander (1869-1955) grew up in Tasmania, and whilst working as a clerk, also toured as a Shakespearean recitalist. He drew much acclaim for his acting work but began to suffer from vocal problems, with a lost voice and inflamed larynx. When, even after treatments and voice rest, the symptoms returned upon reciting, he concluded that he must be causing them himself. He studied himself in the mirror from all angles and (to cut a long story short!) noticed that it was actually the habitual thoughts behind his speaking which caused him to pull his head back and down, shortening his stature, creating excess tension in the body and causing his vocal symptoms. He noticed similar conditions in other people with numerous other symptoms, and began to work with them. Thus in lessons, we work with not just the physical symptoms but the habitual ways in which we think too. 
Lessons are one to one, with hands-on and verbal guidance. Typically part of the lesson will be spent in movement and part lying down so it is best to wear trousers or leggings.
It can help with:
- back neck and joint pain
- anxiety and stress
- injury prevention and performance and stage presence for musicians and actors
- finding a deeper state of rest
- easing tension in everyday activities
- self development and mindfulness
A British Medical Journal study in 2008 concluded that one to one lessons in the Alexander Technique from registered teachers have long term benefits for patients with chronic back pain, recommending a course of 6 lessons.