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Gentle Birth Method


During pregnancy organs within the body undergo a certain amount of stress as the baby grows. This can be hardly noticeable or very problematic. The gentle birth method deals with these effects using mainly reflexology, creative healing and hypnosis to help a mother and her baby towards a good birth. Reflexology helps the body to detoxify reducing symptoms such as nausea, pelvic congestion, bloating & constipation. If is useful for encouraging labour and helping with pain relief.

Creative Healing is very gentle like lymphatic drainage. It is used to specifically feed, energise, strengthen when organs and remove toxic waste from the body. During pregnancy abdominal massage improves placental function and helps regulate foetal growth by regulating the pancreas. Working on the pelvis directly can help greatly with Symphasis Pubis Dysfunction(SPD), relax a tight pelvis & relieve back pain. Hypnosis increases relaxation and decreases stress, helps you deal and resolve with your fears & aids physical changes during pregnancy.