Chronic Fatigue Clinic

Chronic Fatigue Clinic

Availability: Mondays 2.15-7pm Wednesdays 10–2pm,
Prices: £40


The Chronic Fatigue Clinic offers low cost craniosacral therapy to people with chronic fatigue conditions, including ME, CFS, Fibromyalgia and Post Viral Syndrome. The treatment works gently to build up health and vitality and enables relaxation and deep rest. Craniosacral therapy is supportive and holistic, and it follows the priorities and pace that your body determines. This makes craniosacral therapy well suited to people who have clusters of symptoms unique to themselves, and for those who have fragile and sensitive systems.


The Clinic offers some sessions each week and is run by two practitioners, Rosemary Duffy and Max Mainini. They work at different times (Max on Wednesdays, and Rosemary on Mondays). You can book with either practitioner and with your permission they can hand over to each other between sessions.
To book an appointment, please call reception on 020 7704 6900. Please let them know you are booking for the Fatigue Clinic, as Rosemary and Max both work at HLC at other times. If there isn’t an appointment free on the day that suits you, you can put your name on a waiting list with reception. If someone cancels, reception will call you as soon as a Clinic appointment becomes free, or if the practitioner has additional sessions available that week, you may be offered them 24 hours in advance at the Clinic low cost rate. You can also book sessions with either practitioner outside the clinic hours for a full fee of £45.
If you cancel or rearrange an appointment with less than 24 hours notice, we ask you to pay the £25 fee – unless you are unable to make it due to sudden ill health or an emergency.
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