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Reiki Master, Certificated Fengshui Practitioner and Certificated Life coach.


About me

I am Engin Erasli, owner of I am Zengin, a Life Coach and a Healer. I am a certified life coach and an Energy Healer. My approach is positive, proactive, caring and warm. I do believe that love is the most prominent healing power.

I adore what I do, serving people and helping you get from where you are to where you want to be. When it comes to life’s ups and downs, I have been there, which is why you will never feel judged. Because I have travelled and lived all over the world, I have experience with different cultures. I won’t view you through the lens of one tight perspective. I have found my joy, and I know how to help you to find yours. I am sure you are going to enjoy the journey. I love meeting new people and listing to their stories.

I know how it feels when you are down and lost and how it can affect the people around you.  I’ve hopped on the wrong train” a few times in my journey while trying to find my true purpose. That is why I can confidently help you make a difference in your life in my unique way. I can help you cut out the time-wasting, frustration and worry involved in making significant changes in your life with powerful healing techniques.


Your higher self holds all the clues and has been waiting patiently for you to wake up to the truth. Your divine purpose is probably quite intricate and very specific. These coaching programs give a clearer picture of your dream future. We shatter limiting beliefs, align your energy and create a master plan for your future based on what you want, what you have always wanted deep down.

Coaching Healing is based on these key values:

  • Confidentiality – Our work is between you me and the mystery.
  • Agenda – Our work is about your needs, your plan, your vision. You set the agenda.
  • Safe Space – I am not here to judge you. I am passionate about authenticity.
  • Focus – Our work is about you and the challenges that arise in the moment.
  • Clarity – I will talk to you in a direct way, with profound ease.
  • Energy – I bring energy and fun to our sessions.