Esi Eshun


Therapies practised:Homeopathy

Availability: Alternate saturdays 2pm-6pm

Prices: £55 initial consultation, £45 follow ups, £65 parent and baby, £35 children

Qualifications: LCHE

Registered member of: Society for Homeopaths

Profile: Esi Eshun is an experienced homeopath, in practice since 2007, and is a registerd member of the Society of Homeopaths. She trained for four years at the Centre for Homeopathic Education, affiliated to Middlesex University, and gained a supplementary three years specialist training at clinics for children and trauma victims. She provides a detailed, individualised approach to patient care, applying aspects of both practical and classical homeopathy, together with dietary and lifestyle information, in order to help patients achieve better standards of physical and emotional wellbeing.

Messages from Esi: Like many people, I discovered homeopathy as a patient and was lucky enough to have a sensitive homeopath who helped expand my awareness of my condition. Now, I try to provide the same level of supportive, insightful care within my own practice, creating a relaxed environment where patients feel free to talk in confidence about their concerns. Before homeopath, I worked in the arts and media, and today, my interest is in helping adults and children to develop their physical, emotional and creative potential more fully. As part of that process, I look to gain a comprehensive and nuanced picture of each person’s particular concerns, sometimes working successfully with several members of the same family.

As a member of the Society of Homeopaths, I practise within the Society’s professional codes of conduct and ethics and make it a priority to address all my patients with high levels of respect, dignity and understanding.


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