Florence Okwan

Holistic-Deep tissue massage-Reflexology-Aromatherapy-Healing- Ancestral Lineage Healing - Reiki

Therapies practiced:

Holistic and deep tissue massage, reflexology and aromatherapy

Deep spiritual healing (shamanic healing) in person or distance

Ancestral Lineage Healing – online

Reiki – in person or distance


Wednesday 9-4pm


Holistic and deep tissue massage

  • 60min £60
  • 90min £80

Deep spiritual healing (shamanic healing)

  • 3 hours £120

Ancestral lineage healing

  • 120min/£90 first session
  • 1 session 90min/£80
  • package of 3 sessions £220
  • package of 6 sessions £460


  • 45min £45


ITEC Diploma in complimentary therapies 2017

Reiki Academy level 2

Second Sight Healing practitioner Diploma

Ancestral Medicine Practitioner training

College of intuition and healing mediumship training

Registered member of

Complimentary therapists association (Ctha)

Insured by Holistic Insurance


Florence started her training in healing by finding healing for herself and this continues as she masters deep healing to give to others. She became a spiritual healer (shamanic practitioner and ritualist and group facilitator) in 2014 and completed a five year apprenticeship.  She then started her complimentary training in 2016 and obtained a diploma and began to use her healing skills through massage and individual spiritual healing which focuses on the traumas individuals have experienced by releasing it’s pressure and severity bringing greater balance and harmony.  Florence is now a practitioner in training with Ancestral medicine having completing her practitioner in July 2022 and working towards professional status.  Her passion is to bring a sense of wholeness and healing and re-connect a person to their divine self.

Florence Okwan is a natural healer and spiritual practitioner using her psychic and mediumistic abilities to gain an insight into how to best facilitate your healing needs, She believes that healing is delivered on a physical and spiritual, psychological and ancestral levels and these are very much interwoven.  Therefore her healing sessions are deep and effective on many levels.

Florence uses a range of skills to help each client that best suits each person.  She uses reiki, she uses her skills as a shamanic practitioner, holistic body work, like massage, reflexology, aromatherapy, and as an ancestral lineage healing practitioner and African dancer.

Florence is available for 60 min at £65 and 90 min for £80 sessions of body work (touch) massage, reflexology, aromatherapy.

Florence is available for deep spiritual healing (shamanic healing) for £120 for 3 hours in person or online. I use the drum, rattle and my voice in this ceremony of healing.  Shamanic healing is the oldest form of healing, existing in many cultures and tribes, the survival of the group depended on this one person who is able to move in non-ordinary time and space to bring back healing for others.

Florence is available for Ancestral lineage healing sessions, first session up to two hours, then 90min sessions.  A set of 3 sessions is best minimum because we will clearing each line from your Mothers mothers line, your Mothers fathers line, your Fathers fathers line and your Fathers mothers line. It may sound a lot and it may take up to 5 sessions to complete the healing of one lineage because it happens through you and you have to integrate and settle with the healing happening which you are a part of, as you are connected to your ancestors.  These sessions are £80.

Florence has a few spaces for low cost sessions, please contact her to discuss.  Florence offers a free zoom Initial consultation to meet and discuss your needs. Book all services through www.florencemedicine.com or call Healthy living centre 0207 7046900 or 0207 354 1600, Email, okwan7367@gmail.com