Joanne Mossey

Myofascial Release

Therapies Practiced Myofascial Release (Myofascial Release for Abdominal conditions, , Myofascial Reflexology and Chakra/Energy focused Myofascial Release & Deep Tissue and Holistic Massage)

Availability Fridays 10-6pm

Prices £60-60mins  £75-90mins (concessionary reduced rate Friday am £40-60mins)

Qualifications Levels  1, 2, 3 & Abdominal MFR – UK accredited Courses, Reflexology, Angel Healing, Various forms of Massage.

Registered Memberships Federations of Holistic Therapists and the Beauty Guild as a Therapy Tutor.


I have been an Holistic Therapist for 24 years and a Myofascial Release (MFR) specialist for 8 years. I have a background working with clients/patients with long term neurological conditions and their complex needs. I work alongside a MFR Physiotherapist, Natalie Hilliard, in dual treatments (when requested or when indicated) and I therefore have her Physiotherapy expertise to hand when working with people with complex and chronic conditions. MFR is a type of bodywork that is ‘hands-on’, gentle and non-prescriptive and it works on the body’s network of connective tissue (fascia) by releasing long held patterns of strain, pain, immobility and disease.

MFR can play a very important part in decreasing inflammation by:

  • Releasing the body’s own natural anti-inflammatory protein named Interleukin 8 through the application of therapeutic sustained pressure for 3-5 minutes.
  • Releasing the physical and neurological blockages, restrictions and toxins that build up from physical and emotional trauma found in every known condition.
  • Increasing the healing potential time within inflammatory responses to flare ups, injuries and post operative care.
  • Creating an optimum and unique space within each session to encounter deep relaxation and restoration, therefore aiding all aspects of recovery.
  • Finally, MFR compliments other aspects of this ‘anti-Inflammatory programme’, such as the nutritional aspect, by increasing transportation and absorption potentials and thereby enhancing overall cell health.


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