Juliet Lewis

Bach Flower Remedies, Theta Healing, and Reiki

Therapies Practised: Bach Flower Remedies, Theta Healing, and Reiki.

Availability: flexible (by appointments)


Theta Healing £75 for 60 minutes or £100 for 90 minutes
Reiki – £60 for 60 minutes
Bach Flower Remedies – £60 for 60 minutes and follow ups £50 for 45 minutes including remedies.

Reiki Master Teacher/Practitioner, Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner,Theta Healer Basic, Advanced, Intuitive Anatomy, Manifesting and Abundance and DNA3 Practioner.

Registered Member of: Bach Foundation, Think Institute, Reiki Federation and Complementary Medical Association

Juliet has worked as an energy healer for 12 years and a professional musician for 28 years. Having grown up in a medical family, she found an affinity with Dr Bach’s philosophy of “emotional imbalance” as the root of illness and the importance of supporting the client to lead their own healing process,. She believes that these healing modalities provide an effective, yet gentle route to health and balance.

Messages from Juliet:

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I am passionate about helping others to find fulfillment, health and happiness and believe that a gentle combination of techniques can be valuable.

The Bach Flower remedies treat the emotions simply and gently and can be a great comfort to carry around throughout the day. Receiving a relaxing Reiki treatment on it’s own can provide emotional, physical and spiritual healing, but in combination with Theta Healing, surprisingly quick changes can occur. Theta Healing, created by Vianna Stibal, is a tool to change any limiting or negative beliefs that we may have been carrying all our lives and these can often block our pathway to happiness, health and fulfillment. The technique also offers healing and intuitive insight into any issue the client chooses to bring to a session and is very effective in releasing trauma in a gentle way, helping to tackle addictions and creating more of what we want in our lives.