Lucinda Shaw


Therapies practiced Personal Development Coaching

I’m a warm and perceptive Coach, whose interest in encouraging people to develop themselves and learn has been honed during a 30-year career as a senior leader, during which I’ve held a range of transformational, strategic and high-level fundraising roles across the charity sector.

Gentle, courageous and curious in my approach, I’m at my most effective when working with people motivated to delve deep and do what it takes to make the change they want – even if the shape of that change is yet to become clear. My core belief is that we can all be happier, more confident, effective and fulfilled than we might ever have believed.

That’s why I do what I do.

I particularly enjoy working with life changers as they recognise those first stirrings of a desire to move forward, enabling them to realise and reach for the courage they might need and already hold within.

I’m also effective when working with clients who are feeling overwhelmed by the sheer volume of what’s going on in their personal and professional lives – what one described as her ‘spaghetti head’ – and need some sensitive untangling to make possible a better way to work and live.

Through my coaching, clients realise they can do it – whatever ‘it’ is – are stronger and able to determine what they want, before then taking the steps to get there. In learning about themselves through the work we do together, they reconnect with their own wisdom, strengths and resources, leading to the increased self-belief and confidence that so many people seek.

Alongside running my coaching practice and delivering coaching programmes for 30+ staff, I continue to work at a senior level with the Stroke Association and am a faculty member of The Leadership Trust making the most of the flexibility of a portfolio career.

Outside work, I enjoy(!) the trials and tribulations of having a teenager at home, along with a super-friendly dog and an Italian husband so my love of good food is fulfilled.

Please call Lucinda for an initial no-obligation chat about how coaching could support you.