Noel Denney

Reconnective Healing

Therapies practised: Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection

Availability: Thursdays 6pm to 8pm

( Contact the office for availability outside these times)

You might be infirm or super fit, young or elderly, curious or desperate, all who encounter these new frequencies will benefit physically, mentally, spiritually and/or emotionally.


Reconnective Healing: £75 per 60 min session. Between 1 and 3 sessions needed.

The Reconnection: $US333 or equivalent at the time of the sessions – 2 sessions needed spaced ideally on consecutive days or alternate days apart. This is a once in a lifetime event.


Professionally trained in London by Dr Eric Pearl, the person who introduced the new frequencies on to the planet, and his team. The Level 2 Foundational Practitioner course enabled me to facilitate Reconnective Healing sessions as well as Distant Healing.

Professionally trained in Lisbon, Portugal by Ruud Den Turk, of the Reconnection Teaching Team, for the Level 3 Practitioner course. This enabled me to facilitate The Reconnection.

Member of the Complimentary Medical Association.

Noel Denney B.A, P.G.C.E

Noel has always been interested in helping others to help themselves. Having been a teacher for 20 years and a Samaritan volunteer for over 25 years, he attended a seminar for spiritual growth and human evolution in London. After listening to many presentations over that weekend, he found the one given by Dr Eric Pearl truly inspiring, and after watching his demonstration of Reconnective Healing, he saw it as an opportunity to help others as well as heal himself in much more profound and subtle ways. As he read Dr Pearl’s book, his body reacted well before reaching the last page. Later he had a Reconnective Healing® and The Reconnection® before completing the Level 1 and 2 Practitioner’s course in London.

During one of his first Reconnective Healing sessions, he experienced a strange feeling connected to his eyes, like an internal buzz. He had been having trouble with them for years, and following a major operation specialists found that various medications used were ineffective. After that experience a subsequent visit to the eye specialists showed that his condition had settled and indeed improved, he would have no need for a change of medication, something which was happening every two weeks as they searched for a cure using conventional medicine. “Personal experience went a long way in motivating me towards developing my skills as a Practitioner”

He then decided to do the Level 3 Practitioner’s course in Portugal, a course allowing him to offer The Reconnection to clients and a more powerful aspect of the whole Reconnection Healing frequencies spectrum.

Since working as a Practitioner, many of his clients have had various healings, some immediate, some taking a bit of time. “I always tell my clients that it is not me doing the healing, I am merely a facilitator, fortunate enough to be in a position to serve using the gifts of the Universe.”