Penelope Prime

LNCH, RSHom, Homeopathy

Qualifications: I qualified as a homeopath in 2004, having trained at the College of Homeopathy and at the New College of Homeopathy.

Practice: At the Healthy Living Centre on Wednesdays from 4 pm to 8 pm. I also practise in Bow, London E3.

Prices: Adults £65 first consultation, £50 follow-ups. Children £50 first consultation; £40 follow-ups.

Homeopathy is a fascinating, holistic therapy that encompasses mental, physical and emotional problems. Symptoms are seen as the way your body shows there is a problem regardless of whether or not this can be given a medical label. You may have noticed when you are unwell you experience symptoms both physically and emotionally. As a homeopath, I pay special attention to the unusual symptoms which relate to you as an individual.

I have an interest in, and experience of the following: babies and children (tantrums, teething, sleeping problems, coughs, eczema); adults: coming off drugs; addictions; mental health issues; depression; PTSD (post-traumatic stress); grief and bereavement; prostate, supporting people undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy, COPD, sleep disorders, thyroid disorders, allergies; hayfever; women’s problems, such as PMT, fertility, IVF, period problems, pregnancy, menopause.

Since qualifying in 2004, I have continued to study and learn, undertaking a two-year postgraduate course of `Advanced Homeopathic Therapeutics with Dr A.U. Ramakrishnan’s Homeopathy Education and Research Foundation, successfully passing the final examination. In 2007, I attended Dr Ramakrishnan’s two-week clinical teaching course in a homeopathic hospital in Chennai. (

In 2013, I attended a four-day seminar in The Hague with Alize Timmerman, studying the dynamics of the family.

In 2016, I attended a two-day seminar with Dr Samir Chaukar on Addictions and Skin problems, and a seminar on `The Banerji Protocols: Managing Serious Illnesses’ and a Master Class with the Dr Banerjis in 2017.

I am a registered and insured member of the Society of Homeopaths and abide by its Code of Ethics. I am a firm believer in quality assurance and have regular meetings with my mentor/supervisor.

Appointments: To find out more, or make an appointment, please contact me on 020 8981 4628, or

Before you commit to an appointment, I am always happy to have a brief telephone call with you to discuss your enquiry.