Rahel Meyer

Shiatsu Practitioner

Therapies practised: Shiatsu

Availability: Sundays 11am-5pm

Prices: £60 for 60mins


Qualified as a Shiatsu Practitioner from the British School of Shiatsu-Do North London

Registered member of: British Shiatsu Society

Insurance: Balens


Rahel Meyer is a qualified Shiatsu practitioner (MRSS) based in London, who graduated from the British School of Shiatsu-Do, in North London.
Bodywork has been a part of her whole life and started with horse riding at a very young age. After graduating with a degree in movement studies at the Gymnastik Diplom-Schule in Basel (Switzerland) in 2001, her journey continued training and working as a professional Circus Perfomer internationally as well as an Industrial Abseiler in London (UK). Rahel’s goal is now to bring the gathered experience into her Shiatsu Practice.

Message from Rahel Meyer

To promote health and balanced well being on a physical and emotional level is the core of Shiatsu bodywork.

My Shiatsu treatments involve a holistic diagnosis designed to the specific needs of each individual client.

It involves discussing the presenting symptoms, relevant medical history and assessing the Hara (abdominal area) or back with light touch followed by a treatment.

Through joint mobilization, gentle stretching and perpendicular pressure on specific points, my aim is to activate the client’s self healing process and to promote balance within the body and mind.