Sarah Nesling

Craniosacral therapy

Availability: Tuesdays 8.45am – 2pm

Prices: New patient 75mins £45. Mother OR Baby follow up 25mins £25. Mother AND Baby follow up 50mins £40.

About: The clinic specialises in the treatment of pregnant women, mothers and their babies, the mother and baby are generally treated together, treatment is extremely flexible in a safe, relaxed and playful environment. Children up to the age of 4 years are welcome to come for treatment. The clinic was set up to provide women with access to the healing ability of craniosacral therapy at this important time when regular treatment can help ease the very normal difficulties and health issues experienced during pregnancy and the early years as well as support working through trauma if needed. Craniosacral therapy is not intended to replace conventional medicine.

Sarah Nesling has 30 years experience working with families and specialises in mother and baby craniosacral therapy as well as running trainings for other therapists including nurses and midwives. She works to support women through pregnancy, easing ailments and helping prepare the pelvis for birth. Afterwards psychological support can help alongside craniosacral therapy and Sarah is  skilled in assisting mothers and babies through recovery from births that may have felt traumatic as well as working with infant and postnatal health issues  such as pelvic floor recovery. She has a particular interest in working to lower stress and trauma levels during pregnancy and postnatally so the mother and baby can benefit from a calm and happy beginning or quickly get back to it if things don’t go to plan.