Sherine Lovegrove

Hypnotherapy , NLP Psycotherapy EMDR

Therapies Practised: Hypnotherapy , NLP Psycotherapy EMDR , Gentle Birth Method & Face and Foot Reflexology

Availability: Wednesdays 17:15 – 20:15

First session treatment costs are different depending on type of therapy:

  • NLP psychotherapy and Hypnosis sessions are £150.00 for 90 minutes
  • EMDR because of the nature of the work  all EMDR sessions last 90 minutes at a costs of £150
  • Smoking Generally is a one off stand alone fee of £250. My committment to you is is that I offer one top-up session, at no extra cost,  if the need arises – to be taken within a six month period of first treatment session.
  • Scenar-Cosmodic Therapy and Gentle Birth is £180 for 120 minutes

Save money –  Package offer

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Qualifications: Diplomas in : Ericksonian Hypnosis, NLP Master Practitioner, EMDR, Advanced Reflex Zone Therapy, Facial Reflexology, Certified practitioner and teacher of Creative Healing Massage, Registered Nurse, Midwife and Critical Care Nursing Specialist.

Registered Member of: UKCP & NLPtCA for NLP psychotherapy, BIH, HA, EMDR Institute, APCRIT, Jeyarani Institute, Nursing & Midwifery Council (NMC)

Profile: Sherine Lovegrove has an integrated approach to her work. She believes that for change to be permanent it has to be in the “muscle”. Where appropriate she uses a combination of hypnosis, NLP and EMDR with body therapies such as reflexology and creative healing. Sherine deals with a wide variety of problems in particular, physical and mental stress challenges such as, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Panic Disorders and Phobias, Irratable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and has a keen interest in fertility and pregnancy management.

Messages from Sherine

Please note that any opinions stated herein do not necessarily represent those of the Healthy Living Centre.

Sherine has been in full-time practice as a Holistic Therapist since 1987. She has a keen interest in how the body/mind learns and heals itself. There is no doubt that the way we think about ourselves and our body will affect future expectations of successful outcomes, whether those outcomes be: reaching a long desired goal, freeing ourselves form limiting beliefs/behaviours or simply having an good birth.

Using Hypnotherapy, NLP psychotherapy & EMDR Sherine works to assist people in reaching their potential. These sessions are usually interesting and can be a lot of fun as you begin to explore how your inner world. By being made aware of how we think, feel and act gives us insight and understanding. Knowledge is power and this gives you the power to now create the reality that you want in a safe and structured way.

Most clients feel a little apprehensive on their first visit therefore the first session is 90 minutes long. This is to give you time to tell you story and feel safe enough to have a good hypnotic experience. Most people leave feeling deeply relaxed. The hypnotic part of the session is recorded and will be sent to you via email for you to download. If you don’t have a computer a CD can be made and sent to you. Follow up sessions are 60 minutes.

If you have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) or Phobias EMDR may be the way forward. Where possible EMDR is not the first line of treatment for the first few sessions. If possible you will be taught self-hypnosis to help you to relax first so that when doing EMDR you are able to process better. Once the EMDR treatment begins the sessions will be lengthened to 90 minutes in length.

Gentle Birth Method:

Sherine is a qualified gentle birth specialist. During pregnancy organs within the body undergo a certain amount of stress as the baby grows. These changes may be experienced as marginally uncomfortable sensations or may become more problematic in nature. The gentle birth method helps reduce these effects mainly using therapies such as reflexology, creative healing massage diet and hypnosis. The aim is to assist a mother towards a good birth and set up future behaviours that help promote a stress free mother and baby. Reflexology and diet in particular encourages the body to detoxify. This reduces symptoms such as nausea, pelvic congestion, bloating & constipation which promotes labour onset and assists with pain relief. Hypnotherapy helps to reduce fear associated with birth which encourages a more controlled and happy birth experience.
Creative Healing Massage is very gentle like lymphatic drainage massage. It is used to specifically feed, energise, strengthen when organs and remove toxic waste from the body. During pregnancy abdominal massage improves placental function and helps regulate foetal growth by regulating the pancreas. Working on the pelvis directly can help greatly with Symphasis Pubis Dysfunction(SPD), relax a tight pelvis & relieve back pain. Hypnosis increases relaxation and decreases stress, helps you deal and resolve with your fears & aids physical changes during pregnancy.

Face Reflexology – has its roots in South American & Oriental facial acupressure and massage. As the face is close to the brain it interfaces with nerves directly to the brain. This makes it a very rapid and powerful treatment. It is extremely relaxing and with further activation of neurological points treatment is enhanced. It is very useful for many conditions especially stress related conditions and neurological disorders. I use it for pregnant mothers in the first trimester as it is particularly
safe then.

Foot Reflexology – Because all energy fields exit the feet reflexology can be regarded as a total body treatment. These energy fields correspond with specific reflex points on the feet. By applying pressure to these points the energy field is changed either unblocking or energising it. This relaxes the body deeply giving the person a sense of wellbeing.

Reflexology & Creative Healing can be used to help treat many conditions such as:

Gastrointesinal problems – IBS, constipation, bloating etc
Headaches & sinus problems
Hormonal conditions – thyroid, diabetes etc
High Blood Pressure & Stress
Cystitis & renal colic
Pregnancy, Childbirth & Infertility
Decreased body immunity & delayed healing
Musculo-skeletal problems
Sleeplessness and irritability
and many others

For a brochure on the above please ask at the desk or contact me directly and one will be sent to you.